My Flowter

You want to experience vibrations reminiscent of waves and the sea and let the body, mind and soul gently flow in the Flowter? Then get the unique lying comfort to you.

Flowter Shop

Your Flowter can be with you as early as next week. Order your Flowter now from our online store.

Flowter Leasing

For commercial customers, we offer a convenient leasing service with our partner leasinGo. 

Flowter rental service

The Flowter can be rented for events and for testing at a daily rent of 50 Euro, per week 250 Euro and per month 750 Euro (net prices). (Prices plus any necessary shipping costs).

Calculate leasing

Together with our leasing partners, we offer commercial customers the option of leasing. The net prices of the Flowter apply as calculation prices. Single unit price: 2,689 euros net or in a two-unit bundle at 5,042 euros net. Use the calculator as a basis for your leasing calculation and request our offer.  

Become a sales partner

Flowter is a quality product "Made in Germany". But of course it is ready for use worldwide to give people a relaxed everyday life. With our worldwide distribution partner network we make sure that you get the opportunity to really relax everywhere. Join us and become a sales partner for unique lying comfort with Flowter.