Refurbished Flowter


Unser Refurbished Flowter in gewohnter Flowter Top-Qualität!

Einsatzerprobt und neu aufbereitet! Unsere gebrauchten Flowter stammen aus unser ersten Produktion und sind auf sämtlichen Messen zum Einsatz gekommen! Wir legen bei der Aufbereitung größten Wert darauf unserem Flowter eine zweite Lebensdauer zu schenken, ohne dabei Kompromisse bei der Qualität einzugehen. Jeder Refurbished Flowter durchläuft einen umfassenden Überholungsprozess, der sicherstellt, dass er den höchsten Standards entspricht.

The Flowter works on the principle of a baby bouncer and is approved for people up to 150 kilos, UV and weather resistant and can also be customized as desired with your own logo or cover.


  • Mit Bezug aus wetterbeständigem Segeltuch oder Outdoor-festem Polymer
  • Easy entry and exit
  • Different lying levels personally adjustable
  • Rollers for easy transport
  • galvanized and powder coated
  • up to 150kg load capacity

Delivery time: In your garden in one week

4 vorrätig

High quality

We produce the Flowter with materials from suppliers from the surrounding area in northern Germany. High-quality materials are our greatest claim. At the seed2soil site in Wiefelstede, the components are brought together to form the Flowter.


Each Flowter is unique. We produce the Flowter as a single piece and are therefore able to respond to their individual wishes. Whether your own logo, cover or cushion - we make sure that your Flowter is something very special.


In terms of sustainability and reusability, we have thought. The entire frame of the Flowter is made of 100% steel, which can be recycled back into a raw material. Through our suppliers, we can accurately trace the origin of our steel.